Nuclear Reactor Vessel Adaptor

For customers in the nuclear industry, it is essential that all custom built projects are constructed to the highest levels of accuracy and quality and in full compliance with NRC regulations. At Trade Tech, Inc., we are building on over 30 years of experience in heavy-duty, complex machining and fabrication services. We were a natural fit when a customer in the nuclear power generation industry required a custom fabricated reactor vessel adaptor, along with a number of associated parts. This project needed to be completed within a tight timeframe for accelerated delivery. With our extensive experience in machining heavy duty components with close tolerances, we were pleased to accept the contract.

Using customer-supplied specifications our services required a fair amount of flexibility; we needed to accommodate changing design parameters throughout the project. Full material traceability was also required throughout the process. We began by procuring 304 stainless steel, and then employed our full complement of advanced equipment, including FCAW welders, CNC turning and CNC multi-axis milling machines. The project had some very challenging elements, including a spherical surface, and various complex geometries. Our highly experienced machinists were able to fulfill all of our customer's requirements at very high levels of accuracy, maintaining tightest tolerances of ±0.0005".

Our customer was impressed with both the end product and the processes that were required to achieve it. Our manufacturing engineers developed a strategy to manufacture the vessel and deliver it within an accelerated timeframe, all the while maintaining full documentation of the procedures employed. The finished part was subjected to thorough CMM inspection to ensure that it met the stringent standards required for nuclear power components. When all appropriate testing and verification was complete, the reactor vessel adaptor was shipped to our U.S. client.

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Reactor Vessel Adaptor Specifications

Product Name
Reactor Vessel Adaptor
Production Description
Plan and execute manufacturing for a reactor vessel adapter and associated parts for accelerated delivery
Capabilities Applied / Processes
Fabrication, Machining, Vertical Turning, Milling, AWS D1.1 Welding
Forming, Stress Relieve
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Welding FCAW, CNC Multi-axis Milling, CNC Vertical Lathe, CMM Inspection
Overall Part Dimensions
20.590" diameter
Tightest Tolerances (±)
Material Used
304 Stainless Steel
Material Finish
As Machined
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
CMM inspection, Visual Weld Inspection per AWS D1.6 of all welds.
Industry For Use
Nuclear Power Generation
1 Piece
Delivery/Turnaround Time
8 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Supplied Print, CAD Model