Family Owned and Operated since 1985

Celebrating over 35 Years of Customer Satisfaction

Trade Tech, Inc. is a family-owned and operated manufacturing company located in Hartford, WI. For over 35 years, our full-service machine shop has been delivering high-quality, precision CNC machining, large machining and fabrication to customers locally and nationwide.

Founded by Duane Brzozowski in 1985, Trade Tech served the local Milwaukee tanning and printing industries with machine repair and design services. Straight out of high school his sons, Steve and Doug, worked alongside him learning the skills of the trade. After 25 years of watching his sons grow to be experienced, talented, successful businessmen, Duane retired. Steve is now President and Doug Vice-President.

The company has grown quite rapidly over recent years, adding new advanced machinery and skilled workers to its 90,000 sq ft climate-controlled manufacturing facility, with room for expansion.


What is Quality?

Trade Tech understands that quality means different things to different customers, and sometimes to different part numbers for the same customer.

Sometimes it means fit and finish.

   I need it to work in my application, and I need it to appear attractive and well made.

Sometimes it means traceability.

   Can I expect that a record is kept on file of the identity and the calibration status of the instrument that took a particular measurement? Is there an AWS Weld Procedure Specification and Performance Qualification Record available for review?

   Am I assured that the identity of a particular part in a lot is maintained throughout operations?

   Was the material specification and heat treating protocol followed, and are there test results available to ensure my customer gets the durability I expect from this part?

To everyone, we expect it means receiving the consistency and predictability that comes from a robust and documented manufacturing process. That from order to order, you get the quality you have come to expect regardless of who was executing the process.

We’ll discuss with you what quality means to you for your particular order, then Trade Tech’s ISO compliant procedural approach will ensure that you get the quality you require on a component by component basis, order after order.


Trade Tech’s Commitment to Excellence

The foundation of Trade Tech’s commitment to excellence is based on the principle of being called upon for proficiency and reliability – harnessing the knowledge, skills and abilities of our experienced staff. Our ability to maximize production and adapt in a challenging economy has created a consistent, repeated system of mastery that exceeds the needs of each customer, no matter how big or small the job, every time.