Large Diameter Exhaust Ring

At Trade Tech, Inc. our reputation for taking on challenging machining projects is well-known throughout the industry and is exemplified in the project illustrated here. We were contacted by a customer in the aerospace industry to construct large diameter exhaust rings. These rings were to be constructed of a difficult-to-machine super alloy and required an advanced level of machining expertise. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled personnel, we were able to provide process engineering, process stability, and high throughput to complete this project, all while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy.

These rings were manufactured with Inconel 625 and needed to be constructed with a total diameter of 70″. These large diameter parts included a thin cross section that was extremely sensitive to tool pressure. Inconel is especially challenging to work with in this form, as it is not self-supporting and requires careful development of the machining process to ensure repeatability. Our engineers developed special machining procedures and tooling, allowing us to not only manufacture these rings with full repeatability but also meet the required tightest tolerances of ±0.005″. The rings were all machined to our customer’s exact specifications using our CNC vertical turret lathes. We ensured the best results with minimal losses by employing strict inter-operation quality control measures throughout the process and after completion. This included both manual and CMM inspection.

In spite of this project’s difficulty, we were able to complete it while maintaining all critical delivery dates. The exhaust rings were completed in a group of 12 units within a timeframe of just three weeks.

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Exhaust Ring Specifications

Product Name

Exhaust Ring

Production Description

Used in large commercial airline engine

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Primary: Vertical Turning, CMM Inspection

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

CNC Vertical Turret Lathes

Overall Part Dimensions

70 in diameter Ring

Tightest Tolerances (±)


Material Used

Inconel 625

Material Finish

63√ Ra µ 63

In Process Testing / Inspection Performed

Manual and CMM Inspection

Industry For Use



Groups of 12 Units

Delivery/Turnaround Time

3 Weeks

Delivery Location

Midwest United States

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Print, 2D CAD Drawing