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Aerospace Machining Services

The aerospace industry generated more than $374 billion dollars for the United States and employed more than 2.5 million people in 2018 alone. Aerospace companies bid for either government or private contracts. These companies generally supply missiles, commercial and military aircraft, guidance systems, flight software, among many other highly sophisticated products. Heavy emphasis on research and development makes the aerospace industry one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. Product innovation and company ingenuity is the name of the game to be successful in the aerospace industry.  At Trade Tech, we pride ourselves on our precision aerospace machining services.

What Is Aerospace Machining?

Aerospace machining is an integral part of the assembly process of all aerospace products. Many parts that are not machined completely from raw materials have at least some machining done to them to achieve their tightest tolerance features. Many aerospace contracts require delivery of vastly complex projects within a tight deadline. Large-scale projects, like a missile launch system or a spacecraft, require tens-of-thousands of individual parts and hundreds of workers to build these systems. Precision machining ensures that these parts fit together flawlessly.

When dealing with any aerospace deliverable, having a precise machining process is key to a company delivering a high-quality product on time. Frequently, multiple fixtures are employed to support thin and light structures that may not hold their shape when subjected to machining forces. These fixtures must be designed, manufactured, and proven prior to component production. The entire machining process is mapped before production begins and timelines and milestones are established throughout the production process, both of which are paramount to the product’s and company’s success.

Oftentimes Aerospace components are made of exotic materials that may be lighter, stronger, or harder than conventional materials or resist the effects of extreme temperatures and thermal cycling. Super Alloys like Inconel, Hastalloy, and Alloys of Titanium are often employed, as are single crystal or uniaxial castings of various alloys, and various composite materials which can include carbon fiber and ceramic materials. All present their own machining challenges.

The organic shapes often employed due to the high-speed flow of air and fluids make CNC machining requisite to the manufacture of aerospace components and also require sophistication in inspection equipment and techniques where conventional metrology may not adequately describe and verify surfaces of a complex geometric nature.

Aerospace CNC Machining

Computer numerical control, or CNC, machining is a computer-automated form of machining where a cutting tool follows a set of programmed commands. This results in a mistake-free tool path that can be repeated exactly time after time. It is ideal for prototypes and experimental projects as well as production. CNC machining is utilized in many different industries, including aerospace.

Aerospace companies making the switch to CNC machining reap the benefits through increased production efficiency and product delivery speed. The process delivers the accuracy required when producing large-scale aerospace products. CNC machining automation takes the human error out of production, allowing your company to tackle even the most challenging jobs.

Aerospace CNC Machining in Wisconsin

Precision and accuracy are tools of the trade in the aerospace industry. At Trade Tech, we pride ourselves on our dedication to push the envelope of machining for the aerospace industry every day. Our highly skilled machinists work tirelessly to deliver your company a high-quality product.

Our business has been family-owned and operated for over 35 years. We continue to reinvest in the latest machining technology to ensure our company continues to prosper and deliver reliable products. If you or your company would like to learn more about Aerospace machining at Trade Tech, or any other of our services, contact us for a consultation today!